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Frequently asked questions

With, you can plan your journey and take into account your preferences in terms of transport. You just have to indicate your points of departure and arrival in the new itinerary calculator. You can then indicate your chosen mode of transport, timetable and even complete your profile.

This functionality is also on the Marinéo app homepage.

On the day of my journey, what do I do?

  • At the bus stop, I check the destination of the line.

  • I check the timetable and the period. Timetables are different during the week, Saturdays and Sundays and during school holidays. Timetables are available on the Marinéo app and on internet, on the mobility guide in the Marinéo Boutique and with our network ambassadors (retailers, Pass Pass points…) as well as at bus stops.

  • I check travel news on Twitter, the website or the Marineo app and my emails if I have an account.

What do I do when the bus arrives?

  • I get the to bus stop 5 mins before the announced arrival time.

  • I hail the conductor when the bus arrives.

  • I get on the bus through the front door.

  • I validate by Pass Pass card or my contactless ticket even during connections.


  • I buy my ticket on the Marinéo app via TixiPass before getting on the bus or with the conductor.

The info-traffic section will give you an overview of all disruptions on the network. Or, even more simply, you can also get the information directly by text message or email by registering for free info-traffic alerts on this page.

You can also follow all traffic information on the Marinéo app and on our Twitter page.

Single or day tickets sold by conductors must be paid in cash. Conductors would be grateful if you could give the exact change. You can however buy single tickets and pay by card via the Marinéo app and TixiPass.

Some network lines (n°16 à 210) are specific to school timetables. They are however available to all holders of Marinéo tickets and passes.

Yes, it is possible to make a connection with the same ticket within one hour between getting on the 1st bus and getting off the 2nd bus.

Go straight to the Marinéo Boutique: Liane shopping centre- Boulevard Daunou Boulogne-Sur-Mer

or call 03 21 83 51 51 (option n°5)

In case of loss, theft of damage a copy of the Pass Pass card will be charged €10.

Yes, but only:

Pets in a basket,


Yes, your Monthly Pass is valid for one month after validation.

No, it is forbidden to take bikes on buses.

No, the Monthly Student Pass is reserved for post Baccalauréat students.

A copy, charged €10, can be issued at the Marinéo Boutique.

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