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PASS PASS tickets and travel passes


On the Marinéo network, there are three sorts of contactless tickets and travel passes:

  Point of sale Which tickets? Recharging Price of contactless ticket
TICKET OR QR CODE Bus drivers only


  • 1-journey Pass
  • 1-Day Pass


QR Code tickets are not rechargeable No extra cost you only pay the price of your ticket or pass


  • Marinéo Boutique
  • Pass Pass Points


  • 1-Journey Pass
  • 10-journey Pass
  • 1-Day Pass


Travel documents can only contain one sort of pass.

Rechargeable in Marinéo Boutiques, Pass Pass Points and with bus drivers.

Valid 2 years and/or rechargeable 50 times.


+ Price of the ticketor pass


  • Marinéo Boutique e-boutique

All tickets of the Marinéo network Cards can be  recharged as many times as you want over 4 years in Marinéo Boutiques, Pass Pass Points, with bus drivers and on


+ Price of the ticket or pass


With Pass Pass cards you can travel with your family by charging their tickets or passes (1-Journey Pass, 10-journey pass, voyages, 1-day pass) on your Pass Pass card


*The PASS PASS card can be used to load tickets for transport networks equipped with the Pass, such as those of Lille, Calais or the SNCF network ....

More information on

Carte Pass Pass Marinéo

Pass Card from "Another network"

If you have a Pass Pass card from another network than Marinéo: Région Haut-De-France, Ilévia, Tadao...

Go to the Marinéo shop to register your card on our network.

You will then be able to buy any transport ticket of the Marinéo network on our website, Pass Pass Points partners etc...

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