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Where to buy tickets ?

Grille tarifaire Marinéo

Marinéo boutique

Boutique Marinéo

Liane shopping centre - Boulevard Daunou 62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer

Tel: 03 21 83 51 51

Our team is there for you in your Marinéo Boutique.

Get all the information to travel easily on the Marinéo network!


From Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm.


Buy or recharge your Pass near to home!

To buy your Marinéo tickets without leaving home, go to the E-boutique, click here !


Marinéo app

Marinéo appli

Find all the information on your phone by downloading the Marinéo app.

  • Search for your route and access information in real time.

  • Subscribe to traffic alerts to receive notifications on your phone.

  • Buy your ticket via the TixiPass application to which you will be redirected.

How to download Marinéo app ?

The app is available on stores via Android and iOS : Sur Android Sur iOS


Pass Pass points of sale

Buy or recharge your tickets thanks to our partners.

No need to go very far to buy or recharge your Marinéo network tickets.

Marinéo has a whole network of Pass Pass Point retailers (tobacconists, book shops…) all over town. 

You can recharge tickets in Pass Pass Points: Single tickets – 10-Trip Pass – 1-Day Pass – 7-Day Pass - Monthly Pass – Student Monthly Pass.
NB: the first recharge of Student Monthly Passes must be done in a Marinéo Boutique.


Find our partner merchants "Point Pass Pass" by municipality:

Our partner merchants

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