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I board, I validate

Tickets and passes can be validated by passing them in front of the machine (about 1 cm away)

The sensor turns green and emits a high-pitched ‘beep’ – the validation has been accepted, you can travel in peace. If you make a connection, don’t forget to validate your ticket or pass again.  

If the sensor turns red and emits a low-pitched ‘beep’ – the validation is refused.

This can be due to several reasons:

  • The validation was done too quickly, start again.

  • Your pass is not valid.

  • You need to recharge the pass.

  • You have reached the limit of your validation.

Careful! If this is the case, you must buy a ticket from the driver.

Should the problem persist, or if your card cannot be validated, the problem can be solved in a Marinéo Boutique.

Validation systematic even for connections

How to validate?

On boarding a bus your contactless pass or ticket (Pass Pass card, contactless ticket, QR Code ticket) can be validated:

  • Near the driver, at the front of the bus.

  • On the machine in the middle of the bus

CAREFUL: Should your pass be lost or damaged, a copy can be issued in a Marinéo Boutique, for €10.

If you have forgotten your pass you must buy a ticket to be in order.

Irregular situations:

Non validated pass = €5  

Non valid pass or ticket = €34,50  

No ticket or pass = €51,50

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