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10-Journey Pass

Gives access to :
  • Bus

The 10-journey Pass offers 10 journeys on the network with connections (within one hour).

PRICE: €8 + €5 if creation of your Pass Pass card.

                 + €0.50 if contactless creation or renewal of the ticket.

Contactless pass: 

  • Pass Pass card

  • Contactless ticket

  • QR code ticket

If you don’t have a Pass Pass card they are sold in the following:

  • Marinéo Boutique, E boutique, TIXI PASS mobile app (contactless ticket and Pass Pass card)

  • Pass Pass points (contactless ticket)

  • Bus drivers (QR Code ticket)

If you need to recharge your Pass Pass card, this can be done:

  • Marinéo Boutique

  • Pass Pass points

  • Bus drivers

  • E boutique : click here

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